Where to buy/get weed in Vancouver


Where to get cannabis in Vancouver. In Canada, it is illegal to possess marijuana. You could be charged with trafficking if you have baggies, scales, or other selling equipment. Keep reading to find out where to get weed/marijuana in Vancouver.

In Canada, cannabis is classified as Schedule II (for more than 3 kg). Cannabis control regulations in Canada are inconsistently enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being known for high-quality cannabis and lax enforcement. The federal government of Canada made many decisions in support of cannabis legalization and medical use approval in 2002. Although the legal status of medicinal cannabis is still up in the air (as of September 2002), the Canadian government has stated multiple times that it supports full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and stalks (excluding leaves, flowers, seeds, and branches) are exempt from the law.

An Ontario Court of Appeal ruled against the Canadian statute in July 2000 because it did not address medical need, and the government passed a new regulation on July 31, 2001 that addressed medical usage. A lower Ontario court found in January 2003 that simple possession statutes prohibiting cannabis were unconstitutional, albeit it is unclear what this means in the long run.

Law Enforcement

The cops are pretty forgiving. Most of the time, if they find anything under an ounce on you, they will simply take it away. They can issue you a ticket if they want to be a jerk about it; it’s similar to a speeding ticket in that you just have to pay it. You can be charged with trafficking if you have a scale or baggies, but if you have less than an ounce, they will most likely just confiscate your scale, baggies, and weed.

Marijuana prohibition is not strictly enforced. There might be a problem if you were hiking around with a couple of kilograms in a see-through backpack, but personal possession isn’t high on police enforcement’s priority list.

The locals seem pretty insistent that whatever you buy isn’t meant to be for ‘export’ (to the USA) (to the USA).

There’s a cop shop not far from where most of the commercial pot buying and selling goes on in the middle of the city, but they seem more interested in traffic problems than people walking by trailing a cloud of BC Bud smoke.

If you smoke in public a lot, you’ll almost certainly be busted; however, don’t worry; just be cooperative, except don’t tell on your dealer. The cops will do nothing but take your marijuana and smoke it themselves.

Where to Get Weed/Marijuana in Vancouver:

“OK, where can I get trustworthy bud at reasonable costs in Vancouver?” our ever diligent local reporters have helped us once again gather the greatest information in town: “ok, where can I get reliable bud at reasonable pricing in Vancouver?” On Hastings St., go to the New Amsterdam cafe. Face the cafe’s front door. Look to the left. You’ll note that there are stairs leading up. ascend the stairwell Upstairs, wander about the carpeted area for a while. A rough and tumble biker-type dude might inquire about your desires. Simply tell him you’re searching for a cigarette. They have you wait your turn on a white line on the carpet.

When it’s your turn, go up to the counter with the rough and tumble biker and tell him what you want—(ie 20, 40, 60, 80, 100)—they’ll fix you up better than anyone on the street. Many street hustlers buy their weed here, repackage it, and resale it to you at exorbitant costs. This may appear to be more complicated than it really is. In a nutshell, before 7 p.m. on any given night, walk up the stairs to the left of the New Amsterdam cafe, and the rest will be self-explanatory. “It’s as simple as that.”

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