Category: Where to get cannabis in Greece

Where to get cannabis/weed in Greece. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Greece has undergone significant changes in its approach to cannabis, particularly in terms of medical cannabis and hemp cultivation. Here’s an overview of the situation up to that point:

Medical weed: In 2017, Greece legalized the use of medical cannabis. This allowed patients with specific medical conditions to access cannabis-based treatments under the supervision of a physician. The government established a framework for the cultivation, processing, and distribution of medical weed products.

Hemp Cultivation: Greece also took steps to encourage hemp cultivation for industrial purposes, such as textiles, cosmetics, and food products. Hemp is a variety of the marijuana plant with very low levels of THC (the psychoactive compound). The cultivation of hemp for industrial use was permitted as long as the THC content remained below a certain threshold.

Recreational Use: As of my last update, recreational use of marijuana was still illegal in Greece. Possession, use, sale, or trafficking of marijuana for non-medical purposes could lead to legal consequences.

It’s worth noting that laws and regulations can change over time. If you are looking for the most current information about cannabis policies in Greece, I recommend checking with official government sources, reputable news outlets, or legal experts who specialize in Greek law.

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