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Where to get cannabis/weed in Switzerland. Switzerland has a unique approach to cannabis that distinguishes between different forms of use. Here’s an overview of the situation:

Recreational Use: In Switzerland, possession and consumption of weed for personal use have been decriminalized to some extent. The possession of small amounts of marijuana is treated as a minor offense. This can result in a fine rather than criminal prosecution. This approach varies between cantons (Swiss states), and some cantons may have stricter policies than others.

Medical Use: Switzerland allows the use of medical cannabis under certain circumstances. Physicians can prescribe medical marijuana to patients if it is a suitable treatment option for their medical condition. Medical weed is available in pharmacies and must meet specific quality standards.

Cultivation: The cultivation of marijuana with THC content above a certain threshold is illegal in Switzerland without the appropriate authorization. However, the country allows the cultivation of low-THC cannabis varieties (hemp) for industrial purposes such as producing fibers, seeds, and other products.

Cannabis Clubs: Some Swiss cities have allowed the establishment of marijuana social clubs where members can collectively grow and use weed. These clubs operate in a legal gray area and are subject to varying local regulations.

It’s important to note that the legal situation regarding marijuana can change, and there may have been developments since September 2021. For the most up-to-date and accurate information about marijuana laws in Switzerland, I recommend checking official government sources or reputable legal resources.

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