Where to Get Weed in Zagreb #1 Legit Cannabis Guide for Tourists

Where to get cannabis in Zagreb how to get weed/marijuana in Zagreb https://cannabistravelguide.org/where-to-get-cannabis-in-zagreb/ best psychedelics travels 2023

Where to get cannabis in Zagreb, Croatia. Nearly a million tourists visit Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, each year. It’s only natural that some of them will want to get high while they’re there. Below is a complete guide on how to get weed/marijuana in Zagreb.

Cannabis Laws

Cannabis usage, manufacture, and possession are all governed by rigorous regulations. Cannabis is included with heroin, amphetamines, and methamphetamines. If a police officer finds cannabis on a suspect, the suspect is brought to the nearest police station. Expect to be there for several hours, as cops are notoriously slow. Furthermore, if caught with less than 5 grams, a punishment of around 500 euros is imposed.

Where to Get Cannabis in In Zagreb

There are no regulated cannabis shops in Zagreb. The best way to obtain the plant is to know the person or inquire around. Consider interacting with people through Couchsurfing or other similar groups if you’re just in Zagreb for a few days. They will almost certainly be able to assist you. Buying a plant in the main plaza is the safest bet. There are several parks in the area, and if you proceed west from the plaza, you’ll pass by a couple of them where young people socialize and smoke.

Cannabis Prices

Zagreb’s prices are comparable to those in the rest of Western Europe. 10 euros for one gram of a well-known plug. Prices may increase and quality may plunge for tourists who are visiting Zagreb for the first time and do not know anyone in the city. You can get decent homegrown buds in a 5g quantity for 40 euros.
Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in Croatia, finding a good plant at a fair price in Zagreb is not difficult. Smoking is best done in parks, lakes, and the outdoors in general. In public places, smoking should be avoided.

Where to get cannabis in Zagreb how to get weed/marijuana in Zagreb

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