Where to Get Cannabis in Bruges, Belgium

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Where to get marijuana in Bruges. What a wonderful idea to walk the streets of Bruges while smoking marijuana. Take a puff and notice what happens: your ideas begin to tumble a bit slower than normal, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. From the standpoint of a marijuana enthusiast, Bruges is a place worth visiting. Despite the fact that cannabis consumption is prohibited in Belgium, the amount of attention paid to prosecuting individuals who do so in Bruges is rather modest. Continue reading for more on cannabis/weed in Bruges.

Weed Laws in Bruges

Let’s start with the fundamentals. If you’ve forgotten that cannabis is banned in Belgium but still want to use it in Bruges, keep reading. We’re not here to encourage anybody to puff; rather, we want to ensure that those who wish to spice up their experience with the herb do so properly and sensibly, minimizing the risk of a poor time.

It is advised that you carry no more than 3 grams of marijuana with you at all times.

The second recommendation is to carry no more than 5 grams; this is slightly riskier in terms of greater fines, but the odds are still minimal.

If you are found in Bruges with more than 5 grams of marijuana, you might face steep penalties and perhaps years in prison. You’re more likely to trade and profit from pot deals because dealers often carry higher volumes. When found with cannabis in Bruges, there are further aggravating factors, such as smoking in a public place or near kids, which can result in a fine of up to a thousand euros or possibly jail time.

Where to Find Cannabis/Weed in Bruges

If you don’t have any contacts who can help you, you’ll have to look for a contact on your own. Keep a few things in mind as you embark on this quest.
Immigrants frequently sell cannabis and hashish, and they are quite easy to recognize.
Locals may also be able to assist you, albeit finding a local who sells cannabis is uncommon; instead, they may be able to link you with someone who purchases cannabis on their behalf. If you find someone who can provide you with what you desire, proceed with care and knowledge.

Verify your weed since some vendors may add in non-cannabis plants or grass to save money by selling you anything they can get from the park.
Prices will vary, and don’t expect to obtain a good bargain; after all, beggars can’t be picky. This is not to say that you should accept whatever price is offered; rather, apply your common sense.

cannabis/weed in Bruges get marijuana in Bruges

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