Where to Get Weed in Luxembourg – #1 Best Cannabis Guide for Tourists

get marijuana in Luxembourg get cannabis/weed in Luxembourg

Where to get marijuana in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a small country surrounded by three other European countries, with the majority of the country’s topography being agricultural, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts. Beautiful forests, nature parks, and breathtaking hills abound throughout the nation, all of which can provide a terrific workout. The capital city is very appealing, with its ancient town and medieval architecture. What is Luxembourg’s current cannabis situation? Continue reading for a quick summary of how to get cannabis/weed in Luxembourg and how to smoke it.

Cannabis Law in Luxembourg

Although it is illegal to engage in cannabis-related activities, it is not illegal to possess small amounts for personal use. If you’re caught with less than 5 grams, you won’t have to worry; but, if you’re caught with more, you’ll have to go to the police station and pay a reasonable cost. In Luxembourg, it is permitted to smoke cannabis, but do not do so near old people or tourist sites, as police officers routinely patrol these areas.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Luxembourg 

Simply travel to a place where there is a lot of nightlife to buy some potent cannabis. The name of the establishment is Grund, and you’ll most certainly see younger people smoking outdoors. Train stations are another area to get cannabis, but be wary because these places are filled with cops, and vendors may try to rob you there. Your greatest opportunity is to walk about the city and see the city’s famous parks. Many young people will be using marijuana in the parks. They will almost probably assist you or direct you in the right direction if you approach them with a nice attitude.

Cannabis Price

Cannabis costs are comparable to those in Western Europe. You would expect to pay $10 per gram for cannabis, but you’ll only get the highest-quality, most potent strain. If you wish to buy a greater quantity or if you have connections, you should expect to pay a lower price. Hashish isn’t extremely prevalent in Luxembourg, although you can obtain a gram of crushed hashish brick for about $5 if you’re lucky.
In Luxembourg, cannabis is relatively easy to purchase and smoke, and you should have no problems with it. Use common judgment when smoking and don’t bring more than 5 grams with you. Enjoy your visit to Luxembourg!

get marijuana in Luxembourg get cannabis/weed in Luxembourg

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