Where to Get Weed in Riga #1 Best Cannabis Guide for Tourists

cannabis/weed in Riga get marijuana in Riga

Where to get marijuana in Riga. Riga is Latvia’s capital and the Baltic’s largest city. In recent years, it has become a favorite tourist destination among young Europeans. Riga is noted for its UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes a magnificent medieval city center. Marijuana laws in Latvia are quite strict, with only tiny amounts of marijuana being decriminalized for personal use. Continue reading for more information on cannabis/weed in Riga.

Cannabis laws in Latvia

Since the Soviet era, marijuana has been illegal in Latvia. You could face a fine of up to 280 euros if you’re caught with 1 gram or less of marijuana, but there’s a chance you’ll merely get a warning. You will risk a considerably greater fine and potentially time in prison if you have more than one gram. Cannabis dealing and cultivation are serious offenses that can lead to harsh punishments, including prison time.

In Latvia, marijuana should be used with caution. Carry no more than one gram at a time to avoid severe penalties. It’s also a good idea to avoid smoking in public places because you’ll be fined 280 euros no matter how little marijuana you have on you.

Finding weed in Riga

Getting good cannabis in Riga can be challenging if you don’t know anyone. You can also seek assistance from younger people, as they are more likely to know where you can obtain good or at least acceptable marijuana. The Old Town is a fantastic location to start if you don’t know anyone and don’t know who to ask. There are a lot of tourists and a lot of dealers in the area. Their marijuana is typically of poor quality, and they frequently give you less than you expected. The cost of a gram of marijuana is 10 LVL.

cannabis/weed in Riga get marijuana in Riga

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