Where to Get Weed in Schaffhausen #1 Best Cannabis Guide for Tourists

get marijuana in Schaffhausen cannabis/weed in Schaffhausen

Where to get marijuana in Schaffhausen. Schaffhausen is a beautiful Swiss town with beautiful architecture and an old-world charm. It’s easy to forget you’re not in a fairytale while wandering the streets, especially if you’re high. Despite the fact that Switzerland’s marijuana laws have been relaxed, decent cannabis can be tough to come by in Schaffhausen due to its small size. To understand more about the situation of cannabis/weed in Schaffhausen, keep reading:

Cannabis laws in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of Europe’s most weed-friendly countries, despite the fact that few people understand it. Marijuana possession has been decriminalized, and you are not breaking the law if you have less than 10 grams on you. At most, they’ll take your cannabis away. Smoking, on the other hand, is illegal and subject to a fine. The fine is only 100 CHF, which isn’t too bad. It is not a good idea to have more than 10 grams of marijuana on you at any given time.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Schaffhausen

Despite the fact that marijuana is practically legal in Schaffhausen, the fact that it is a small Swiss town means there isn’t much of it. It’s no surprise that scoring in Geneva and Bern is much simpler. The good news is that marijuana is legal in Switzerland, and scoring is never more than a few questions away. When you go out at night, simply ask some of the people at the bars around the city center, and you will most likely be taken care of.

get marijuana in Schaffhausen cannabis/weed in Schaffhausen

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