Where to Get Weed in Taipei #1 Legit Cannabis Guide for Tourists

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Where to get/buy cannabis in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan is a small island nation with a huge urban area, and Taipei is its capital. If you appreciate architecture and learning about diverse cultures, Taipei is the place to go. Foodies will have a fantastic time in the city. Taipei is famed for its numerous street food selections and food markets. It’s also a terrific place when the cravings strike. So what is the condition of marijuana in Taipei? Continue reading for more information on cannabis laws and also how to get weed/marijuana in Taipei.

Cannabis Laws in Taiwan

Where to get/buy cannabis in Taipei. Any cannabis-related action is punishable by law. Anyone caught with a big amount of the drug could face the death penalty. The country’s most serious problem is that cannabis remains a Schedule 2 substance. Thus, putting it in the same category as LSD and opium. It is not suggested to smoke in public because police officers are well trained. They are familiar with the scent and sight of cannabis. If you do, you may wind up in jail.

Where to Get/Buy cannabis in Taipei

Where to get/buy cannabis in Taipei. It is difficult to find cannabis in Taipei. However, knowing a local or simply hanging around where foreigners congregate are your best bets. Woodstock, for example, is a popular tavern. There you can find someone who can help you with cannabis. Carnegie’s is another nice site. You should be wary of trying to buy weed in bars. Cops routinely patrol these areas.

Marijuana in Taipei – Prices

Where to get/buy cannabis in Taipei. Here, cannabis is hard to come by, and the quality varies widely. You can get around 5 grams of decent quality for under $300, which is great. Hashish is nearly tough to come by in Taipei. It’s advisable to avoid buying or using marijuana there. The consequences are the same whether you’re a local or a tourist.

Get weed/marijuana in Taipei 

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