Where to Get Weed in Auckland #1 Best Cannabis Guide for Tourists

Cannabis laws in New Zealand cannabis in auckland weed in auckland marijuana in auckland

Cannabis Laws in New Zealand. Despite not being the capital, Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. The city is known for being modern and multi-cultural, with all of the amenities one would expect from a large European or American metropolis. Auckland is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to live in, as well as a terrific tourist destination. It offers a thriving nightlife, arts, and culture, as well as a variety of day trip choices in the surrounding areas. Marijuana is very popular in New Zealand, so getting some weed in Auckland should not be a problem.

Cannabis laws in New Zealand

Cannabis in New Zealand is illegal, despite being the fourth most popular drug after caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes. Cannabis possession carries a $500 fine or, in large amounts, a prison sentence. Marijuana is broadly legal in New Zealand, and carrying a few grams will not get you in jail. In 2017, it was announced that a referendum on the legality of medical and recreational marijuana will be held.

Getting weed in Auckland

Marijuana  in New Zealand is quite popular, especially among Polynesian and Maori teenagers. You’ll have to ask those kids if you don’t know anyone. Two of the most popular places to get weed are Aotea Square in the city center and the Otara district, which is a little further away. Despite the greater tolerance for marijuana, you should still be cautious when obtaining the drug and avoid cops. To avoid being ripped off, it’s also a good idea to always see the weed before paying when buying from a street vendor. A gram of cannabis costs around 20 New Zealand dollars, and the quality varies from one dealer to the next.

Cannabis laws in New Zealand cannabis in auckland weed in auckland marijuana in auckland

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