Where to Get Cannabis in Kos #1 Best Cannabis Guide for Tourists

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Where to get marijuana in Kos. Kos is a Greek island located in the southeast corner of the Aegean Sea. It is a part of Greece, despite being barely 2 kilometers from Turkey. It is a popular tourist destination, especially with younger Scandinavian and British tourists. The island is home to magnificent whitewashed buildings and wonderful restaurants, as well as a pleasant and exciting nightlife. Cannabis/weed  in Kos can be hard to come by due to Greece’s strong drug regulations.

Cannabis laws in Greece

Despite recent medical marijuana legalization and discussions of decriminalization, Greece continues to have some of Europe’s harshest marijuana laws. It is illegal to possess, use, or cultivate marijuana. If you have a small amount of marijuana on you for personal use, you might be able to get away with a fine. However, a court must make that decision, so it’s fairly rare for people to have to appear in front of a judge and spend the night in jail, even for minor marijuana offenses. Marijuana growing and sales are both prohibited and punishable by imprisonment.

Although many people consume marijuana in Greece, you are incurring a risk by doing so. If you do decide to smoke in Greece, remain a safe distance from the police.

Finding Marijuana/weed in Kos

Finding cannabis in Kos can be difficult if you don’t know anyone. Cannabis is grown and transported, but no street dealers exist, so ask some of the locals who work in hotels or restaurants. Getting cannabis from major cities like Athens or Thessaloniki, on the other hand, is a better option. Because it is grown outside, weed in Greece is usually of poor quality, but it will get you high. A gram of gold typically costs 10 euros.

Cannabis/weed  in Kos get marijuana in Kos

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