Where to Get Weed in Chania, Greece – #1 Best Cannabis Guide for Tourists

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Where to get marijuana in Chania. Greetings from the Greek island of Crete! Chania, the second largest city on the Greek island of Crete, is noted for its unique and historic architecture. The city features a sizable harbor that is very busy during the summer months. What better way to enhance your cannabis experience than to do so in a tropical setting? Continue reading to learn where you can buy and use cannabis/weed in Chania. Let’s start the celebrations!

Cannabis Laws in Greece

Greek legislation, as you may be aware, are highly restrictive, particularly when it comes to cannabis. The majority of European countries have legalized marijuana in recent years, but Greece is still working to implement its medicinal marijuana rules. They voted for medical marijuana, but it has not yet become law.

You will almost likely face a state jail sentence of up to 5 years if you are caught with up to 20 grams of marijuana. If you wish to get out, the bailout may work, but the fines for up to 20 grams will be $1,000,000. Isn’t that a conservative viewpoint?

Many people, particularly visitors, continue to smoke, but you won’t find cannabis on every corner because of the rules and tight police.
According to one account, a British man on vacation in Chania was caught with 2 grams of cannabis in his possession. He received a 90-day sentence, but the proceedings and experiences he had were traumatic.

Where to Get Marijuana/weed in Chania, Greece

Some cannabis is still entering in Chania because it is a port city. The problem is that if you want free items, you need to know the locals. We don’t believe it’s worth jeopardizing your liberty for a piece of knickknack. If you have a decent city partner and can smoke in a quiet setting, go for it. Because Crete is an island, obtaining cannabis is more difficult, and the limitations can be quite stringent at times. It also depends on when you plan to arrive, although carrying things with you can be difficult in general.

Cannabis Prices in Chania, Greece

Because cannabis is not readily available in Chania, it was difficult to gather pricing information, however some sources stated that a gram of Albanian schwag may cost up to $15. That’s a lot of money to pay for such low quality and a significant risk. If you can carry your cannabis or have a friend with you, it’s a fantastic option. Anything less would be putting your life in jeopardy. Enjoy your time in Chania and throughout Crete. Our honest advice is to leave the marijuana at home and enjoy it on the more touristy and open islands while you’re there! Keep an eye on yourself!

get marijuana in Chania cannabis/weed in Chania

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