Where to Get Weed in Genoa #1 Best Cannabis Guide for Tourists

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Where to get marijuana in Genoa. Genoa is a seaport city in northern Italy. It is one of Italy’s most populous cities, with the Mediterranean’s busiest port. Genoa has a lengthy and renowned history that stretches from the Romans to the Renaissance. Genoa has grown into a huge, sophisticated European metropolis with much to offer visitors. Cannabis is illegal in Italy, yet it is widely smoked, and the laws are not particularly harsh. Hash is significantly more freely available in Genoa than cannabis. However keep reading for more insights on cannabis/weed in Genoa.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Italy has become more friendly to cannabis in recent years, with cannabis rules being loosened and medicinal marijuana becoming legal. The fact remains, however, that marijuana is illegal. Consumers aren’t exposed to harsh regulations. Having a little amount of cannabis on you is no longer illegal, therefore if you are discovered by the authorities, you will most likely receive a fine or a warning. If you have a large amount of marijuana on you or are selling it, you may face more greater legal penalties, including incarceration.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Genoa

Finding cannabis in Genoa can be difficult if you don’t know anyone. Inquiring with some young people might be the best option. The vast majority of them either smoke marijuana or know where to get it. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on street vendors. They assemble frequently in the city’s several Piazzas. They are easily recognized and will give you a friendly nod if they spot you. They will usually approach you if you nod and try to sell you cannabis or hash, both of which are easily available. Hash is less expensive than weed, which costs roughly 6-8 euros per gram.

cannabis/weed in Genoa get marijuana in Genoa

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