Where to Get Weed in Kalkan, Turkey #1 Legit Cannabis Travel Guide for Weed Lovers

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Wondering where to get weed in Kalkan? Kalkan is a neighbourhood of the municipality and district of Kaş, Antalya Province, Turkey. Its population is 3,926. Before the 2013 reorganisation, it was a town. It is an important tourist destination on the Mediterranean coast. The area includes historical sites and fine beaches. More on cannabis in Kalkan below.

Is Cannabis in Kalkan Legal?

The Turkish government, like the majority of countries in the area, is vehemently opposed to the recreational use of cannabis. So, let’s take a deeper look at Turkish legislation as it relates to cannabis possession, sale, and growing.

Anyone caught with cannabis in Turkey could expect heavy consequences. Under the Turkish Penal Code, even tiny amounts of cannabis can result in a prison term. This penalty can vary from two to five years in prison, while there are ways for criminals to escape jail time. Those arrested with cannabis can usually escape prison if they agree to participate in a treatment program while on probation. Furthermore, someone who contacts a doctor first to obtain addiction treatment might avoid legal repercussions because the medical practitioner is not legally required to report the infraction to the appropriate authorities. However, anyone who violates the law on many occasions will not be given such options, and would instead face a jail sentence.

Where to get weed in Kalkan

In reality, it may be difficult for travelers to purchase marijuana in Kalkan. There aren’t many people selling cannabis in Kalkan, and those who do are a little shady because the restrictions are so rigorous, especially for dealers. Of course, people use marijuana all around the country, but the vast majority of citizens know one another intimately. There isn’t much you can do, so ask your hotel valets, bartenders, or bouncers. They will undoubtedly introduce you to a possible marijuana dealer.

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