Where to Buy Weed in Eleuthera Island, Bahamas #1 Legit Cannabis Travel guide for Weed Lovers

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Buying weed in Eleuthera Island, the Bahamas. Eleuthera is a long, narrow island in the Bahamas archipelago. It is famous for its pink sand beaches, such as the lengthy French Leave Beach. Surfer’s Beach, located near Gregory Town, with large waves. Ten Bay Beach, located to the southeast, offers shallow seas and a nearby cave. Ocean Hole, surrounded by forests, is a natural inland swimming place teeming with tropical fish and turtles. Green sea turtles may be found at Edwin’s Turtle Lake Marine Reserve. More on cannabis Eleuthera Island below.

Is Cannabis Legal in Eleuthera Island, the Bahamas?

Possession or usage of cannabis or other illicit narcotics is banned in The Bahamas and can result in lengthy jail sentences and heavy fines.
However, legislative measures that would establish a medicinal marijuana program and legalize personal use in the country are on the horizon.
The Dangerous substances Act of 1929, which specified drug charges and punishments for all sorts of narcotic substances, was the first law in The Bahamas prohibiting marijuana use. The statute was revised in 1962 to include “all parts of the Cannabis sativa plant… [and] preparation of such plant or resin.”

The legislation aimed to limit The Bahamas’ position as a transit nation for drug trafficking from neighboring manufacturers such as Jamaica. Seizures have happened as recently as 2010, while a 1991 seizure on Andros Island implicated some cultivation within the limits of The Bahamas.

While the penalties for marijuana possession and usage are stiff, some courts have showed mercy owing to changing societal opinions about cannabis.

Buying weed in Eleuthera Island, the Bahamas

It will be difficult if you are new. Buying weed in Eleuthera Island isn’t difficult, but bear in mind that it’s strictly prohibited. If you walk around the beach in the more popular areas, simply ask the people selling souvenirs and you’ll get hooked up. Prices might vary greatly since tourists are frequently ripped off, therefore bargain. You can also talk with your  hotel valet or bartender. They will definitely link you up with a dealer of cannabis in Eleuthera Island. You can enjoy a blond by the beach side.

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