Buying Weed in George Town Cayman Island #1 Legit Cannabis Travel guide for Weed Lovers

Buying Weed in George Town, cannabis in George Town

Buying Weed in George Town. George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands. It lies in the west of the largest island, Grand Cayman. It’s known as a financial hub and a port of call for cruise ships. Tax-free shops cluster around Cardinal Avenue. The Cayman Islands National Museum is housed in a 19th-century building on Harbour Drive. It contains displays on local history, culture and wildlife. More on cannabis in George Town below

Is Cannabis in the Cayman Island Legal?

Cannabis in the Cayman Islands is banned for recreational use, and violators are subject to the island’s narcotics laws. Recent legislative reforms, however, enable doctors to prescribe cannabis oil products such as extracts and tinctures for medicinal purposes.

To be authorized to use medicinal cannabis, patients must have a qualifying ailment. Once approved, patients may obtain cannabis oil, pills, or topicals from a certified pharmacy for therapeutic purposes.

The Misuse of Drugs Law covers cannabis restrictions in the Cayman Islands and was enacted in 1975, during the height of global prohibition legislation. Except for medical purposes, the law prohibits the use, cultivation, possession, and sale of cannabis.

While medical marijuana was theoretically permitted, there was no legal structure in place for doctors to administer CBD oil or other cannabis treatment to their patients, essentially rendering it illegal.

Cayman Island Governor Helen Kilpatrick amended the Misuse of Drugs Law in 2016, clarifying who might lawfully possess medical cannabis and allowing physicians to import goods. Possession and purchase of cannabis extracts and tinctures would be lawful under the amendments if patients obtained their medication from a pharmacist.

Buying Weed in George Town Cayman Island

Buying Weed in the Cayman Islands is straightforward if you know where to search. Despite the laws, many individuals sell and use marijuana on the beaches. If you inquire, the majority of locals and practically everyone in the tourism business will be able to connect you with cannabis in George Town. Make friends with a couple of rasta men and dive the reef before you go; it’s amazing. You may also speak with the hotel valet or the bartender.

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